Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe
through 3D semantic modelling

This research project has received funding from the EU's H2020 Reflective framework programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no. 665220

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The Church of Our Lady, Dodrecht, The Netherlands


The Church of Our Lady, also known as Grote Kerk Dordrecht or Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, is located in the historical city-centre of Dordrecht (South of the Netherlands). The building, member of VBMK (the association for asset managers of monument churches in the Netherlands), is dated from the 11th century (1285). It took almost 400 years to complete the main building. In the past, construction faced technical challenges. The City of Dordrecht is situated on water, and therefore, its soil was too wet and soft to deal with tall buildings. The ground could not hold the heavy construction of the building. The church’s tower started leaning during construction and kept unchanged until now. A big part of the tower is not constructed due to the same technical problem. In 1572, the church building was passed from the Catholics into the hands of the Protestants. In that time, a large part of the Catholic decorations were destroyed. The church currently belongs to the Top 100 of Dutch UNESCO monuments. Restorations took place between 1903 and 1938, and again between 1982 and 1987. Asset management aspects.

Main objectives:
  • Developing apps connected with indoor positioning;
  • Developing a wiki-like function in the app to allow people to add narratives (history) to the virtual tour;
  • Developing BIM and inspection software for historical buildings;
  • Constructing a BIM model of the church building in Dordrecht and taking (laser) measurements to complement drawings from the archive;
  • Elaboration of building inspection / condition assessment protocols and maintenance guidelines for CH buildings;
  • Testing the implementing Indoor Positioning & Navigation System in combination with the AR app.



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