Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe
through 3D semantic modelling


Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy


First Newsletter February 2016


Inception Flyer


This research project has received funding from the EU's H2020 Reflective framework programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no. 665220

European Union

INCEPTION Technical pre kick-off meeting - April 2015  


The pre kick-off meeting of the INCEPTION project took place on the 17th of April 2015. The Project Coordinator Roberto Di Giulio from UNIFE welcomed the INCEPTION partners in Ferrara, Italy, at the Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara. Among the present partners from the Consortium there were:
Roberto Di Giulio (UNIFE)
Federica Maietti (UNIFE)
Emanuele Piaia (UNIFE)
Silvia Brunoro (UNIFE)
Federico Ferrari (UNIFE)
Marco Medici (UNIFE)
Rizal Sebastian (DMO)
Peter Bonsma (RDF)
Dimitrios Karadimas (VBC)
Roko Zarnic (UL)


The group met to pre-launch this 4-year European sponsored project. During the meeting the Project Coordinator presented the overall project methodology and trans-disciplinary approach related to an inclusive understanding of European Cultural Heritage through 3D semantic modelling.
The project partners discussed mainly the global schedule of the project (work packages and deliverables) and clarified the approach of this Horizon2020 framework project. Also the details of the content, responsibilities and outputs of the project were identified.

Photo by Enrico Geminiani

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